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About Us

Our company was settled down in Orpington many years ago. As people who have their own homes, we  know how time consuming the cleaning is. We have started as a small local company with just one team of cleaners. Now we are glad to announce that our family grows up constantly to ensure that we  are able to provide the service at the time you have requested. We have strong working manners and positive attitude for each customer, because positiveness and good presence leads only to stable relations and loyalty. We add value to our services every day because we strive for perfection.

Our employees are competent about the industry progress and the standards that we need to cover, in order to keep our top position!

We have done many surveys and found out that we are the only company in the area that can provide so specialized services! We are the only company with such flexible schedule, that provides  services even on Weekend and there is no additional charges or fees!

Even if you live outside Orpington, we have few team available to come and save your day for no extra transport charges! Just call us for more information and we  will organise it for you! We are ecologically aware, we use only harmless detergents and modern equipment! Orpington is  our home and we  need to protect it from dangerous toxicants, so our children can play freely.

Our prices includes all the materials and equipment needed for the perfect service to be completed!

We do not want to steel your money, fair rates does not mean low quality! Share your needs and budget and you will receive the most affordable offer, that you will not be able to deny! You have the right to require information about other customer’s opinion and feedback about our job! Our job is transparent, we can prof that you can trust and let us at you home, because all our cleaners are police checked and fully insured, so do not worry we are unknown people, but we deserve a credit!

Last but not least, we are here to serve you and be useful! We provide great customer service even after the job is completed! Once the service is performed you will receive a receipt to proof your property was professional cleaned on a very high standard! We are here today, because our customer helps to improve our service every day!

Thank you for your support and do not hesitate to call us today!

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